Núria Calvet Ruiz was born on 5th March 1984 in Girona.

She grew up, lived and studied in Torroella de Montgrí, a village of the Baix Empordà region.

She did extracurricular activities such as sewing, swimming, playing tennis, learning English and theatre.

She studied a Bachelor of Science.

She first worked as a shop assistant and waitress. This was in some of the trendiest places in her home town and the nearby tourist spot, Begur.

She drove a red Honda PX.

In 2002 she moved to Barcelona because she wanted to be an actress.

There, she took the subway for first time:

She stayed in several flats and drama schools,

She met people from all over the world,

She worked for four years at the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona,

She graduated in dramatic arts at the Col·legi del Teatre (School of Theatre) of Barcelona,

She fought for her passion,

She acted as a lesbian, a vedette, Helena in a Dream of a Summer Night; and many other characters in television, films and theatre.

She continued earning her living working as a waitress or head waitress.

She got lost and found herself again.

She discovered her other passion: gastronomy and catering.

She decided to make a profession of what until then it had just been a job.

She fought for this other passion.

She fell in love.

She lived, worked and studied in London, during the period 2012-2013.

She came back home.

She did a postgraduate course in Gestió de Restauració i Hostaleria (Catering and Hospitality Management) in l’Escola Superior d'Hostaleria in Barcelona.

Meanwhile, she worked in restaurants in the Baix Empordà.

At the end of 2014, she and Didac Pellicer created Freecandó.

Nowadays, Núria keeps fighting for her passion in a way and in a place, surrounded by all the things that make her happy.

Dídac Pellicer was born in Barcelona in the late 70’s.

He was a teenager when he discovered his passion for food by the hand of his grandfather, a lover of good food and conversation.

It was thanks to him that he developed his good sense for fine food by going to eat at the Barceloneta snack bars, Casa Leopoldo, Horta del Maresme, etc.

In the early 90s he decided to channel his passion for cuisine and urged to transform it into a lifestyle.

But as he was too young, he had to wait a couple of years to pursue things further.

While waiting he took the opportunity to develop his administrative skills, which built up his knowledge further.

Finally it was time to enter IES Bisbe Sivilla, a place he attended to perform Hospitality studies.

Having trained as a chef, Dídac worked in different bars and restaurants to achieve his primary goal: to run the kitchen of the Granollers Old Casino with two friends.

During those years he also discovers his other passion: art and culture.

Once he accomplished all he could in Granollers, Dídac returns to Barcelona to create a cultural association in the heart of Gràcia’s neighbourhood:

Here is where La Felpa is born, a place where the cuisine is mixed with music, literature, visual arts, performing arts and cultural promotion in general.

It is at this stage that Dídac also becomes part of the Dubcelona, a collective dedicated to the organization and development of events at national and international level, related to electronic music. All this is combined organizing catering facilities in unusual places, typical of advertising and fashion agencies.

When these projects were already taking their own life, Dídac made one step further and participated in the direction and management of different restaurants and bars like:

La Pubilla in Gràcia, La Cantina in Palo Alto, El Parlament in Sant Feliu, el Catering de la Lola and La Ramona in Raval.

At the end of 2014 Freecandó is born: a project created together with Núria Calvet and where they put into practice everything they’ve learned and experienced from a place where the beauty of things is in every corner: the Empordà.