In Freecandó we give gastronomic solutions to the following services:


Our aim is to offer a customized and personalized service,
looking for the option that best suits your idea.

Cooking Demos at home:

Whether it’s for 2 or 15 people, we offer a fun way to let
you see and taste the Feecandó magic, close up.


Our delightful Peugeot J7 is a 1970’s classic van that transforms itself into a kitchen and/or a bar.

Cuisine Monographs

Are you passionate about cooking?
Would you like to do a workshop?
Would you like to give it as a present to someone special?

Consultancy and Advice

Do you want to open a bar/restaurant and don’t know what to bear in mind?
Need some restructuring of your business to help adapt to the new changing times?