Freecandó is a small company dedicated to the world of gastronomy.

A dream come true of a vibrant young couple, Dídac and Núria, with years of training and experience.

Freecandó was born on 25th November 2014, in Ullà, and this is its story:

On 19th April 2012 Dídac and Núria, met for the first time. The place, “La Pubilla”, a great restaurant in Barcelona; Dídac was the head waiter; Núria, The waitress.

Only a few days was enough to discover that they both shared a passion for fine food, which blossomed into them making other plans for the future.

Although life separated them for a while, fate brought them together again. At this point they began to fight for their common dream: Freecandó.

They wanted to walk together and they where eager to share values and knowledge. How?

The place from where they would develop their activity was clear: l’Empordà.

Núria and Dídac settled in Baix Emprodà, an area surrounded by natural beauty, in search of a better quality of life. It is here where the Freecandó dream began to become a reality.

Freecandó work with fresh, quality local products to create traditional Catalan dishes along with international cuisine.

If what you need is a Catering Service, a Cooking Demo, a Monograph, Counselling & Advice for Restaurants or just a Food Truck at your venue, just think Freecandó.

Welcome to our dream. Welcome Home. Welcome to Freecandó.